Here you can find dog educators on Fridays, on Saturdays and on Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.
games and entertainment for your dogs, water and shower area cleanliness of the area through poop bins and garbage bags for separate waste collection.

• Access to the beach is allowed to all dog breeds as long as they are accompanied by a responsible person.
• Think about your dog: supervise it and keep it on a leash; in addition, you must always carry a muzzle with you to put on your dog in case of need.
• Don’t let your dog run wild, supervise it even when you talk to other owners or when you talk on the phone.
• Carry tools with you to pick up your dog’s poop and keep the beach clean.
• Remember that not all dogs like being around other dogs, respect other dogs’ space, ask the educators for advice, when they are present on the beach, who can suggest you how to manage some situations with confidence.
• You mustn’t take your female dog on the beach, when she is in her mating period, and it’s better not to take your dog on the beach if it has any chronic medical condition.
• Don’t force your dog to enter the water by dragging it on the leash: you can ask advice to our staff.
• Ask educators for additional services (dog sitting, dog consultancy, veterinary assistance).

Fratino (Charadrius alexandrinus) – Kentish plover – is a small wading bird, which lives on sandy shores, included on the national Red List as an endangered species. We can observe it running fast between the dunes and the shoreline. Its nest is a simple hollow on the beach, where it typically lays three eggs, incubated for about a month.
The chicks leave the nest shortly after birth, so they are easily attacked by predators. Successful nesting also depends on your cooperation, so in order not to disturb them, don’t step on the dunes and keep your dog on a leash strictly. Don’t put this precious little animal’s life at risk.



Regulations about the coastal areas accessible to dogs

Period: from May 1st to September 30th

Area called Dog Beach, included in the free stretch of the beach between the refreshment point “Fuori Rotta” and the northern border of Castiglione della Pescaia municipality.

Owners must lead dogs on a leash along the routes to be followed to arrive to the areas specially identified as suitable for their stay.

Owners must place themselves on the beach section located at a reasonable distance from other similar presences.

Owners must remove dogs’ poop from the ground promptly and without exception; they must wrap it using special tools for waste collection and place it closed in the appropriate containers.

Owners mustn’t lead dogs out of the areas as stated by the regulation.

Owners must supervise and take care of their own dogs, paying particular attention to lead them and keep them on a leash in order to allow a peaceful coexistence between all the dogs on the beach.

Leading animals affected by medical diseases, that can be transmitted to humans or other dogs, to the sections of the beach specially identified for dogs, is prohibited and it’s prohibited to lead unsociable and aggressive animals, that can compromise health and peaceful coexistence.

Owners must ensure that dogs have a special shaded space equipped with an adequate container of water, when they stay in the area.

Dog owners and all visitors to the area must remove all equipment used for their stay from the beach, paying particular attention to place the waste produced during the stay in the appropriate containers.

Failure to comply with the aforementioned conditions referred to in this regulation will result to the removal of offenders from the beach reported by the agents of the Municipal Police and the Coast Guard and/or by any other authorized Authority, which may be available in the area.

To ensure a peaceful use of the free beach, in respect of the peace of the bathers and to guarantee pets spaces where they can move freely, the access of pets to all other free beaches in the the municipality of Grosseto is prohibited throughout the bathing season from May 1st to September 30th, with the exception of guide dogs for blind visitors and, subject to notification to the competent Authority, of rescue dogs equipped with a rescue certificate.

The sanctions established by law will be applied to violators of this specification and to anyone who in any case contravenes the regulations in force.